Solar consultant

It all starts with an idea, a concept. Here at The Green World Company, we’re not stuck at thinking in products exclusively. The Green World Company is your Solar Consultant. Products are a commodity, but concepts are unique. Finding a

Solar panels on field

If there is one distinctive characteristic of the Dutch landscape, it has to be the thousands of endless meadows and pastures making their way to the horizon. As useful as they often are for the agriculture and livestock sectors, many of

Solar panels on rooftop

Because of the landscape and wildlife impact of ground-mounted solar, communities are looking to alternatives where possible. Millions upon millions of square meters of “dead” roof space is laying untouched still, with opportunity wasting

Floating solar panels

The sun and the warmth it provides is essential for any grower to be successful, and luckily its services come for free. The water reservoir however, is a different story entirely. Maintaining the water level and its cleanliness has always

The Green World company

Getting green can sometimes seem like a daunting task when first delving into sustainability. The endless possibilities can feel overwhelming and the vast amount of information confusing. Whether you need a little or lots of help, as


Hydrokorrels zijn een effectief hulpmiddel voor tuinieren. Ze kunnen zowel binnen als buiten worden gebruikt en bieden veel veelzijdigheid. In deze gids verkennen we de basisprincipes van hydrokorrels, wat het is, waar je het kunt krijgen…