Floating solar panels


The sun and the warmth it provides is essential for any grower to be successful, and luckily its services come for free. The water reservoir however, is a different story entirely. Maintaining the water level and its cleanliness has always been a costly endeavor due to the large amount of energy required. Solar panels are a green and clean approach to generating this energy yourself. For some growers, however, suitable roof surface is scarce.

The Green World Company has come up with a way to hit the bullseye twice with a single shot. Our all new patented modular floating system is light-weight, contains zero plastic and customizable to reservoirs of any shape or size. The substructure is made out of 100% aluminum, enabling growers to not only harness the power of the sun, but save on cleaning and maintenance costs due to its algae repellant qualities. Floating solar panels are the future

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