benefits SCR System


The benefits of an Emigreen® SCR system

– NOx reduction that meets or exceeds IMO Tier III limits
– Can be installed in new ships and as retrofit
– Easy to maintain by the crew

Why install an SCR system?

Diesel combustion engines emit nitrogen oxides (NOx).

While not immediately harmful at normal environmental concentrations, these poisonous gases are ultimately detrimental to human, animal and plant health. In hot weather, higher levels of NOx pollution contribute to the formation of smog.

An SCR system helps prevent this by significantly reducing nitrogen oxide emissions.

How our SCR system works

Our SCR catalytic converter reduces nitrogen oxide emissions.

1: A urea solution such as AdBlue is injected (sprayed) into the exhaust system
2: The water evaporates and the urea is converted into ammonia
3: The ammonia reacts with the nitrogen oxides in the exhaust stream
4: As they pass through the catalytic converter, the gases are converted into inert nitrogen and water vapour.

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