Regenerating the filter


Soot particles in a ship’s exhaust stream can be filtered out by a ceramic soot filter. The amount of soot each filter can absorb depends on its volume.

This means that every so often, the soot that accumulates in the filter has to be burned off to regenerate the filter.  This also ensures that the exhaust back pressure does not exceed the maximum limit for the engine.

Different types of soot filter systems for ships

A soot filter for ships, otherwise known as a diesel particulate filter (DPF), removes soot particles from the exhaust gases produced by the ship’s diesel engine.

There are two different types of filter systems for ships:

  • Passive filter systems.
  • Active filter systems equipped with a fuel burner to actively initiate filter regeneration.

A soot filter removes up to 99% of the soot particles from the exhaust gases.

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